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Collaboration & timely responses are key to winning customers. Our story with 'Respond' begins with, where we needed a more versatile platform to simultaneously interact with the customer and have backend connectivity.

While the whole world is going through challenging times, 'Respond' is the perfect tool that you need to bridge the gap between you, your team and your customers. This service can fit into a wide range of use cases, starting from small to large businesses, Govt. offices and NGOs as well.


Performance Marketing

Unify all your communication channels to streamline, make it measurable and achieve a shorter sales cycle, a higher conversion rate and bring in more customer satisfaction.

Automation & Efficiency

Build chatbots with Dialogflow and intergrate into your backend. Add in rules based automation, conduct surveys, schedule promotional broadcasts, snippets and many more tools.

Collboration & Analytics

Marketing, Sales, Accounting & the Support team are all collborating as a team to achieve a single goal. Realtime stats and feedback giving the management the KPIs and BIs they need to improve & focus.


Scale as you grow.


Home based or just launched.

  • 200 contacts.
  • All Channels
  • Android / IOS App
  • One Month Free

USD 7 / MVR 99


When you start to foresee growth.

  • 500 contacts.
  • Unlimited Team
  • All Channels
  • Android / IOS App

USD 13 / MVR 199


Comfortable size and growing.

  • 1000 contacts.
  • Unlimited Team
  • All Channels
  • Android / IOS App

USD 20 / MVR 299


Large Corporates, NGOs and Govt.

  • 5000+ contacts.
  • Unlimited Team
  • All Channels
  • Android / IOS App

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We have partned with, a global leader in Business Messaging, as their exclusive reseller in Maldives.




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